Join the one of the largest active raid groups in the SFV for Legendary Raids!

Raids are posted in the Slack, Telegram, and on the "Recent" page of the website!

Suggested Raid Format
Make sure if you are planning a raid to put the maps link or cross streets, start time, and how many are coming. If anyone is interested they can reply to your comment. You can also use the Raid Submit Tool to automatically post the map link for you!

If you aren’t able to make that raid, you may be directed to go to the next raid if your ETA is greater than 2 minutes after start time.


Not all raids will have enough people to win/beat the raid. PokeWestHills claims no responsibility for any trainer losing their pass or chance at catching a mon due to the posting of raids. Raids are shared for informational purposes only and not a guarantee that the posting trainer will be able to attend the raid. For best results, please post in the Telegram and/or Slack channel to see if there is enough people to beat it.

Using the Raid Submit Tool

PokeWestHills maintains a self-written raid submission tool for posting raids! Anyone with a Telegram or Slack account can post a raid time.

🌐 Submitting raid times is easy!

🔗 Simply go to

✏️ Login with your Telegram or Slack account

🐲 Pick a monster, start time, and location

✔️ Click submit

🚀 Raids will be posted automatically to the Telegram, Slack, and website!