Discord Announcement

PokeWestHills is all about being a free and open community for all members!

Our history has had us on Twitter, Whatsapp, and then Slack, and then Telegram. We understand that not all users want to download another app! That's why there is good news! We are now also available on Discord!

No, Telegram is NOT going away. Our main channels and groups will being living on Telegram, as will the majority of our discussion.

We are however, aware of the increasing growth of Discord Pokemon GO! Groups and want to build a bridge to those trainers.

Right now, a raids channel, news channel and general discussion channel will be open on Discord at


If you have friends who do not prefer to be on Telegram or Slack, this is a great opportunity for them to join our raids and some of our discussion over on Discord.

There is also a possibility that we may set up a "bridge" so that the main Telegram channel discussion will also be on Discord and vice-versa.

Stay tuned for more updates!